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Scoring Peggle Blast! New Dog, Old Tricks

As a primer for our upcoming GDC talk, Peggle Blast! Big Concepts, Small Project, PopCap Team Audio has written a short blog series focusing on different aspects of the audio production, covering real-time synthesis, audio scripting, MIDI scoring, and more!     Jaclyn Shumate – Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast! RJ Mattingly -… Read more »

Peggle 2: Storytelling Through Adaptive Music

TIMING IS EVERYTHING! When a composer scores a film, the visual timing is locked, and each moment of the film is forever linked to a specific moment of the music.  This allows the composer to craft the score to flow purposefully with the visuals, sometimes synced very tightly to visual cues (Carl Stalling) or change… Read more »

Peggle2: Sonic Joy!

As a precursor to my upcoming GDC talk on Peggle 2’s adaptive orchestral score, I’d like to channel some of these thoughts and ideas through the GANG blog format.  There’s so much I’d like to cover that a one hour talk can only scratch the surface.  This first post will be an overview of the audio design and… Read more »