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2019 G.A.N.G. GDC Demo Derby

G.A.N.G. GDC Demo Derby Submissions for the G.A.N.G. GDC Demo Derby are now open and will close March 13. The G.A.N.G. Demo Derby is one of the highest rated and longest running annual sessions at the GDC.  Participants bring in examples of their work, and a panel of game audio experts review their work and provide constructive feedback.  G.A.N.G…. Read more »

2019 G.A.N.G. Awards Finalists

Member Voting Here Audio of The Year Battlefield V – EA DICE Far Cry 5 – Ubisoft Montreal Marvel’s Spider-Man – Insomniac Games God of War – Santa Monica Studios Moss – Polyarc Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Ubisoft Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Eidos Montreal & Crystal Dynamics Music of the Year Torn -… Read more »

Tim Larkin – Sharing His Hand in Artifact (feat. stories by Emily Reese & Randall Larson)

Tim Larkin recently had the opportunity to kick off the soundtrack to Valve’s newest title, Artifact, a card game based on the lore of DOTA. While it remains in the DOTA universe, the music follows more of a traditional game-state approach than the heavily dynamic timeline a player may experience in DOTA 2. He was… Read more »

MAGFest G.A.N.G. Remix Competition 2019 Results!

The Music and Gaming Festival occurred the first week of January at the Gaylord National Resort in Maryland. Over 20,000 music fans came to the Gaylord National Resort in Maryland to celebrate video game music. G.A.N.G. hosted a special competition for remix enthusiasts that featured over $8,000 in plug-in prizes from Music Marketing. Nearly 100… Read more »

“A Cautionary Tale – The Rise and Fall of HUGEsound” by Chance Thomas

The year was 1999. It was a cold February morning in Oakhurst, California. Around 10:30 am, all employees at Sierra’s Oakhurst studio were herded into two large meeting rooms to receive some shocking news. Due to massive fraud allegations against the parent company of our parent company, the studio was being closed. 250 people lost… Read more »