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The Mix in The Last of Us

GANG IESD co-chair Kenny Young speaks to Naughty Dog’s Phillip Kovats and Jonathan Lanier about the GANG award winning mix in The Last of Us. PDF available here   KY: Hi guys, thanks for agreeing to do this. Could you introduce yourselves for the record? PK: I’m Phil Kovats the audio lead here at Naughty Dog for… Read more »

Inon Zur talks Game Audio, Composing and Conducting

This month we had a chance to talk with Inon Zur after he hosted the recent 2014 GANG BBQ.  Inon has composed for an incredible array of games including Prince of Persia, Dragon Age, Fallout: New Vegas, Crysis, as well as many other titles (full bio here).    We had the chance to talk about influences, conducting, gear and general… Read more »