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hey drew – nice, i checked out the tinkerer and waltz. i enjoyed the harmonic movement in both pieces, and there was some nice melody to grab onto in both. I don’t know what sort of context these pieces were meant to be included, so I’ll just make some other comments on the music as it stands alone. The first tune had a nice vibe going that I enjoyed but then I felt like I wanted it to take a few more turns, make some changes, and then bring the initial vibe back. It was very ‘undynamic’ if that’s a word, and maybe given the context of the media, that’s what it was supposed to be. But as something to listen to, I would’ve liked more dynamics and a change in the rhythm/instrumentation at some point along the way. The waltz was very nice and did get more dynamic and you brought in some other instruments that helped the piece grow from the piano. cool! Maybe some tempo mapping would be an idea to let the song breath a little and let up on the emphasis on the 2nd 3rd beats to allow it to float a bit.

I always think it’s helpful when posting demos to ask for something specific, like “would this cue work in a robot battle” or “the producer is asking for a heavier tone in this piece and I’m not sure how to accomplish that” or even “i wrote this thinking about Mario RPG and thought it would be appropriate in a game like that” I think more people are apt to comment when asked for something specific.

That being said, THANKS for being the first to jump into the Demo fray! much appreciated. And overall, the production on those tunes was very polished, I was getting nitbicky.