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where are you applying to an internship? if it’s a recording studio, we could help critique the mix, mic technique etc. If it’s a game studio, are you looking for solely a composition internship? If so, I hate to say it, but there really aren’t many of those, if any. Usually if a game studio needs an audio intern (•if•) they want someone who is fast and reliable with tasks like cutting dialog, chasing down bugs, editing audio files, batch processing, that sort of thing. There might be music prep/orchestration businesses that could use a hand with binding/taping charts, or helping with some of those type of tasks. If you want game industry experience, you’d probably be a lot better off trying to find a Q/A or Community position (temp or part time) with one of the studios in LA. You’d learn a lot more about game development that way, and down the road that experience would be extremely impressive.