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Dan Reynolds

My old college background in C++ and Java informs me just about any time I approach an object oriented programming language or when I start looking at scripting languages.

Outside of a few quirks, I feel pretty comfortable learning enough to do what I need to do (that is to say, I’m informed enough to typically ask the right questions).

I haven’t messed around with Lua or Python though, but I doubt either one would be difficult to manage.

That’s why I recommend C++, not because you need it for audio implementation, but because it’s a solid language that MANY games are built with and it gives you a lot of insight into the language characteristics of high-level computer programming.

By the way, Unreal 4 is outdating UnrealScript and converting everything over to C++. We shall see what editor improvements have been made for their visual editing environment, but someone is probably going to have to touch that, you might as well know enough to ask the right questions. 🙂