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Kole Hicks

Hi Gabriel, it’s nice to e-meet you!

I’ll make a few comments while listening…

1. The Kick is very thin & poppy to me… lacks a lot of weight/bass.
2. Snare is very tiny and upfront… might be nice to make it a little bigger (some more mids) & move it back w/ reverb
3. Harmonically there are some odd and quite dissonant moments in there, but that might work with the visual. Repetition slightly offsets the dissonance.
4. I get the repetitive harmonic progression working within the confines of minimalism, but it might be nice to slightly change it over time in some way. Perhaps start with upper voicings (maybe basic intervals or triads) to establish a certain harmonic vibe and then eventually layer in new bass parts to alter the harmony. Might be nice to build the percussion in layers as well so the kick/snare aren’t omnipresent.
5. A Melody may not be appropriate for the minimal/atmospheric vibe you’re going for, but a simple motif that moves around to various synths (perhaps in various ranges) could help. My ear wandered around & didn’t grasp anything in particular, this might help us focus & lead the piece to new places.
6. I like when it picks up around 1:36… in fact that motif/arpeggio might work well for #5 if used throughout the piece in new ways (rather than just fading out).
7. I caught a bit of movement (panning) for some of the parts in the piece. Might be nice to accent this movement even more since it’s an ambient piece… may help with the momentum since doing something eccentric with the rhythm/melody/harmony wouldn’t be appropriate for the style.

Cool textures, hope this helps, & thanks for sharing!