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Jesse Harlin

Listening again:

– Track 1: Good strong opening. Mix sounds good. Nice epic feel. Samples sound good. Fade at the end could be a bit cleaner.
– Track 2: Feels like an extension of the first cue. You might want to swap track 2 and 3 in the order. It might make more of an impact that way.
– Track 3: Great melody. Mix sounds nice. These tracks feel like the right length for a demo.
– Track 4: Nice cue, though it feels like it needs some mastering help. The EQ has it all muffled and the highs are dampened.
– Track 5: Big, epic. The kind of thing that would have had me as LucasArts’ Music Supervisor listening closely because it has a “Star Warsy” feel to it. Again, could use a cleaner
– Track 6: Interesting hybrid cue. Works well.
– Track 7: Again, great showcase of melody. Very pretty cue and nice changes. Nice.
– Track 8: Nice ethnic variety cue. It think it works well.
– Track 9: Hybrid cue. Shows variety. Sounds good.
– Track 10: Second ethnic cue, has a nice feel to it. Nice way to round it all out.



Nice work! You’ve got a great little demo here. Concise, focused on your strengths, well-constructed with a nice flow to it and I think it gives a great sense of you as a composer and what you’re capable of. Night and day difference over your first demo. I think there are still a couple of small things to tweak, but it’s absolutely clear that you’ve put a lot of work into it and I think it’s really served you well. Congratulations. 🙂