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Kole Hicks

Yeah, I’ve been seeing an increasing number of these “Calls for Content” or “Public Sourcing” type projects. It seems as if some of them are hoping to capitalize off the desperation (for lack of a better word) of new developers eager to work on their first project. Some of them may be perfectly legitimate & reach a full release, but my intuition tells me this is quite rare (especially when you understand the enormous scale of many of these projects).

At the very least I recommend all early Game Audio devs be aware of the potential downsides/consequences & benefits associated with participating in these kinds of projects. In fact, just yesterday for a similar “Public Sourced” game, I saw that they were juggling 4 different composers & allowing people on the forums to decide which tracks worked for which areas in the game. Beyond the obvious possibility of having your ego stomped on a bit by having other people favor a different composer’s tracks, some of the fans were trying to get in on it as well by submitting their own tracks (which didn’t have nearly as much production or compositional quality). I find that quite odd & the only reason something like that would happen is because the music for the game (and in association the Composers) are being perceived as easily replaceable rather than an artist working to enhance the game’s experience. You’d never see anything like this for a project that respects the content created by its developers; sure you may get Fan Tracks/Arrangements, but I’m not sure anyone in their right mind would then say, “Actually I think this track works much better as the Main Title.” Perception.