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Nate Tronerud

My primary DAW software is Logic 9. My OS is still Snow Leopard and I don’t really want to push things by installing a newer one. Ostensibly I could upgrade to Mavericks and run Logic X on this system, but I haven’t tried it. Otherwise it runs swimmingly with up to about 1.5 gigs of samples loaded in Kontakt, though I have to keep the sample buffer pretty high at those times, usually about 1024. I’ve avoided PLAY like the plague, so far.

I just installed ProTools 9, and it seems to work fine, although I’ve only started using it, so I can’t really report on performance. Same for Live.

I use both Finale 2012 and Sibelius 7, depending on the client. Each is fast and sluggish in their own ways. I also have MaxMSP, which runs fine, though I haven’t used it much since I finished my MM.

I’m afraid I don’t have good headgear at the moment. I have a cheap pair of Sonys that fold up and that I use on the train or when my roommate is sleeping, but I avoid using them to mix as they can be very misleading.