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Rob Pearsall

Jesse –

Wow, this is immensely helpful! Awesome job.

I wasn’t aware that this was what my reel was saying about me. It really is about having the whole add up to a single impression. In the end, that’s the win or lose; not the sparkly details.


Samples: Yea, IK Multimedia, I’ve been waiting a long time to upgrade, this just decided that for me – it’s time.

Synths: Yea, also old and free and not very intentional. I need to “school” myself on this and step it up.

Size of my site: I think that cutting the “World” section and moving/losing some things will make it less intimidating. After finding so many short pieces, did your opinion change?

Real vs. sampled: Between your urging and the same resounding message at GDC, I’ll make more effort to find ways to incorporate real instruments. It’s really the extra mile that separates the great from the good. I want and need that.

Lack of Epic/Serious music: Thanks for the kudos for the “Kingdom of Heaven” piece – my ONE serious piece in the whole reel. It’s one of the oldest things included and I was aware of it’s dated sound even while choosing it. The lack of more, really stems from two things: I tend to hear happier melodies to pursue and I perceive that most composers display mainly the serious stuff. I guess I’ve taken the pressure off of myself to go after that because I have a knack for prettier/positive things, it might set me apart. That said, you make a great point, if I’m only going for kid’s/casual projects, ok, but if not, where’s the solid sense that I can pull off the epic/serious work. Got it. I’ll get working on that.


Your take on many of the tunes pointed out a flaw in my decision making; I started putting newer things up front rather than the best stuff up front. When something’s brand new, it’s hard to judge, but after a while, I need to be my own music supervisor and get it right. Take away: Don’t use the portfolio as a work-in-progress blog.

Your picking out my competence as a composer and orchestrator means a lot. Hearing that my low production values might be holding me back is tremendously insightful. I have my marching orders; some are a quick fix, but most will grow in time. Loving the journey. If only it paid better.

Thanks again for this. It means a lot.