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Jon Everist

Very cool that you’re doing this Jesse. You don’t have to go through all my tracks but I’d be very interested to see what you thought of my sounds thus far. One of the issues I find is that when I’m working on a project, my demo reel will be glutted with music in a similar ‘style’ a la the game its being used in. I want to show a breadth of genre-experience in my reel, which usually means that in-between or on top of projects, I’m trying to compose out of my element. Good idea?

Also, do you advise against reaching out to music supervisors directly to pitch your reel? I’ve got a lot of great contacts but I always feel timid about brazenly putting myself in front of them, mostly out of respect for their time (which is why I think what you’re doing is so cool).

Thanks in advance!

Jon Everist