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as you I am fairly new to the FMOD Vs Wwise debate. I have used Wwise more exclusively though I have been going through the FMOD Material as well and am getting used to both on a practical level. I’m a bit Biased at this point in the discussion because I actually think Wwise can be more intuitive once you get over the learning curve of understanding which containers do what and how to set up your game syncs, switches, etc… Wwise can be daunting at first, but after going through the Limbo Project in detail and redesigning a portion of the game the program just kinda clicked. Unfortunately I don’t have that much work that utilizes either right now and I have not had a chance to explore the new midi mapping capabilities that Wwise has, I know that FMOD has the capability to midi map to specific devices but unfortunately none of my current control surfaces are compatible.

I’m sure That FMOD has the same if not more flexibility then Wwise I just have not had the opportunity to use it on a professional level yet.

the first thing I like about Wwise is the way that you can layer the different types of containers to create generative musical scores, more realistic Sound design and the level of detail that you can go to with randomization of volume, pitch shifting among other stuff. as i said before though I’m a bit bias at this point but that doesn’t mean that FMOD is less capable, I just don’t know… yet.