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Robert Blaauboer

Hey, so I found your soundcloud through your portfolio and I’ve listened to a few.

Floatyman could use some longer notes or tonal basis so to say. Right now it sounds like you made it to fit a premade video.

Grooveback has nice percussion as with most of your tracks so in my opinion that’s one of your strongpoints. It has a nice buildup too, but the piano chords can become a bit stale after a while. Perhaps use some chord inversions in there to change it up.

Sins of an empire has very nice percussion but in my opinion could use some tonal basis that ties everything together and gives the piece direction. Still a nice piece though.

Gravity is very nice, lots of nice automation in there and the chaos in the track reminds me of some Metroid Prime stuff. Small thing though, the high notes can be a bit harsh in the mix.

So in general: try to change it up during the track, inversion, perhaps take a look at mediant relationships to introduce a whole new feel. (Quickest example I can find is one of my own: at about 1:10

Good Luck