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Andy Hair

I picked up the full set of Unreal games last week in keen anticipation of the community-developed Unreal Tournament 4. The first Unreal Tournament was such a massive influence on my gaming interests, I can’t help but get giddy with excitement at the prospect of a new one. Especially one I can have some input with. Similarly been playing a bit of Quake Live, because goddamn I love arena shooters.

Also been revisiting Dark Souls II recently. Hadn’t played it since I finished NG+ the first time, a few weeks after release. On my current playthrough I’m going for a full sorcerer type character. First playthrough I went for a rogue-like stabby build, which was absolute hell for certain bosses…

About to try out Project Zomboid which appears to be a top-down zombie survival game, quite similar to DayZ in many regards, and almost Minecrafty in terms of resource finding and crafting. Brutally difficult, permadeath, dangerous other players, and so on.

Just starting to build my first true gaming PC for the first time in many years, so lord knows I’m going to be binging on some of the latest AAAs. Watch Dogs seems like a must try, the newer Amnesia looks awesome too. Titanfall and BF4 will undoubtably get a try out too 🙂