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GREAT topic!

Currently, I’m playing Watch Dogs on my Xbox One. Fez, RE Revelations and The Walking Dead: Season 2 on my Xbox 360. Sonic Lost World on my Wii U. There are so many great games with amazing soundtracks. Fez and TWD, in particular, have really atmospheric music that really enhances the gaming experience. Fez is a game that I recently discovered through a documentary called “Indie Game: The Movie”. I started playing last night and it’s really a work of art! Phil Fish is a creative genius. It’s one of the more unique games to come out in awhile, I can’t emphasize it’s importance enough. TellTale’s TWD is equally as good. The story telling in that game is superb, bar none. It rivals AMC’s TV show, and that’s saying something. Actually, it may just be BETTER than the show. The way it’s executed and how every choice feels so real is a testament to how hard those guys have worked to create an immersive interaction. It leaves me wanting more every time I finish the latest episode. I can’t wait for Episode 4 of Season 2 to be released before the end of the month!