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Mark Priest

Gradually working through the Ubisoft “Assassin’s Creed” series (no, I haven’t gotten to Black Flag, yet!). I like Jesper Kyd’s musical take on the earlier games, including the “Ezio Trilogy,” and GANG member Winifred Phillips work on “Liberation.” Slowly working through AC III, but not even a %25 (= too early to judge). Except for AC II – which I keep going back to – these games have been sleepers for me, grabbing my interest later on in game play.

Always alternating with one of the God of War series, because the music of this franchise more than anything was responsible for awakening my initial interest in composing for games. (PS2 was my first game console, so GoW #1 & 2 were soon added; still my favorites of the series.) Currently playing Ascension again.

Will sometimes kick back and relax with games for the younger set, such as Peggle, Mini Ninjas, Plants vs Zombies, or Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Last week, got a deal on my first Wii console (used, NOT Wii U), so picked up a pre-owned Wii game to go with it – LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga. (Well, why not?!)