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Topher Pirkl

Mark– That’s sort of how I’ve been approaching projects, telling designers that I can do SFX, and could put them in touch with a composer. I’m sure I’ll find some that are game for that, but I’ve lost out on 2 projects already with basically the response of “oh cool but it’s easier for us to just get everything off Freesounds. K thx bye.”

Tanner– I agree, but at least with some of the developers I’ve talked to, I think the fewer individuals involved in the process, the less likely it is to have someone bail halfway through development. I get that mentality, it’s how I’ve approached projects too. I can see the appeal in getting one person working for free, but very committed to the project as opposed to finding one person for SFX, then hoping you can find a composer committed enough to see it through, or vice versa.