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Derek Chisholm

Thanks for your insight Eric! Too bad I didn’t see you out there— I got way too wrapped and focused on just meeting as many people who could give me jobs as possible.

Here’s another question for you and everyone else in G.A.N.G. (if anyone’s looking at it anymore, it’s been 3 weeks since someone last replied to anything!)

How long does it take for game developers to actually start returning emails and phone calls? I’m stuck in this anxious phase of waiting. Waiting to know if the game devs are going to give me a shot, or waiting for a landed game dev to return my email or phone call.

I obviously want to give them space and not seem too over-eager, but also want to know that I’m still in their minds. Do you think I’ll hear back in a month, two months… six months? Or is there a chance they’ve forgotten me and moved on to a different composer?

Since it’s my first time, I’d love to know how long it typically takes for game devs to reply! Thanks G.A.N.G.!

-Derek Chisholm