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Kole Hicks

Welcome to GANG! Here’s some of my initial thoughts on your front pageā€¦

From a design perspective, it initially seems very basic & lacks style. Completely understandable in some situations, but I’d recommend hiring a web dev to help your site look/feel more professional.

Wwise video – Cool, I enjoyed it! If I was an Audio Director this’d probably be something I’d be quite interested in watching (if you were a potential new hire).

Logo Clip Video – Neat, nice demo of what you can do for a logo.

Sanctum & Horror Video – The samples in both tunes sound pretty dated. Production is a bit raw.

Mysterious Forest – Similar w/ the dated samples, but this piece seems to flow a bit more smoothly compositionally than the previous tunes.

Adventure – Same notes.

I stopped here. Perhaps it’d be best to consolidate all of these various pieces into 1 thing; a single demo reel/video perhaps. Demonstrating your Sound Design & Composition skills beyond Wwise.

Hope this helps!