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Kole Hicks

Something I’d just like to mention really quickly is that while you certainly want to pick a program that offers you the most, I’ve found…

1) No matter where you go or what you study, the value of that which you take away from something is heavily reliant upon your own persistence & passion. A super dedicated person will find the maximum amount of value in a situation many would consider fruitless. I think beyond being a character trait, this is a skill that can be developed (and certainly a useful one if you want to get into freelance Game Audio).

2) While you certainly want to surround yourself with knowledgable people & learn from the best, make sure you don’t dig the hole (debt) too big. Time is our most valuable resource & the more you have to pay back, the more time that’ll require of you. Our industry is friendly, but very competitive so finding consistent (well paying) work right after graduating can be quite difficult.

Best of luck!