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Timothy Adan

@ Charles- thank you very much! I have been trying to update my website recently with new information and work examples. It is definitely a fun (if bumpy) ride.

@ Elliot- thank you very much! I’m glad you like my demo reel. It tends to get mixed reviews from both sides of the spectrum. Personally I’m happy with it, but the various critiques I have received have been very helpful. For the gameplay itself, I used FRAPS. The files tend to be huge, but its worked out fine so far. For the takes of my DAW, I use screencastomatic. It’s easy to set up and quick to use. Doesn’t have much in the way of functions aside from the recording itself, but for what I do its plenty fine.

For the video editing I use Sony Vegas. I used to use movie maker, but that started to be too much of a hassle for what its worth.