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Alright, I’ve been working on this for awhile, and I’m finally ready to share my first attempt at a demo reel. But first, an actual question:

I struggle with how to publicly present myself; it’s something I never really gave much thought to until the past couple years when I realized I really need to focus on it. I guess I’m just struggling with social awkwardness; how much of myself do I have to put out there? How much does a producer or director need to know about me to want to hire me? Do I need to fabricate a charismatic persona or can I afford to be myself more or less in this industry? I come from a background where the music comes first (I think we all do, really) but clearly the image and audience engagement is important to some degree. What kind of content do you look for in a CV or a website or a bio that makes you say “yes, this person is legit and I can count on them and I don’t think working with them will be problematic?” Not the layout or presentation, but the actual content itself. I want to be true to myself but not seem like a risky hire.

Here is my first demo reel; any feedback is much appreciated. (and I will be posting this in the general demos & critiques forum for anyone else who wants to take a listen and give me some notes)

Thank you!

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