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    I’m president and founder of The Electronic Music and Audio Club at my community college Chabot College in Hayward, CA. It’s not too far from Oakland/SF and we have a really great little community of musicians both classical and electronic, recording engineers, everything. The first semester of my club has been less than eventful, although we are planning a college trip a lot of people think of me as the Video Game Audio person and ask me the same questions I’ve been researching for a while as far as getting into game audio goes and I was just wondering if anyone knew how one would go about getting a guest speaker from the game audio industry to visit our school. My club has a small budget, and we’ll be doing more fundraising next semester in order to get some more activity going. So we would be able to compensate for the speaker’s time. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    Kole Hicks

    Hi Corinita,

    I’m down in Los Angeles, but know quite a few game audio people up in the Bay area that might be interested. If you wouldn’t mind sending me an e-mail at then I’d be happy to see how I can help.


    You should let us know if the event is live streamed or podcasted or something, I’d personally love to watch or listen. Even a list of highlights would be cool. Best of luck getting this put together

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