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    I just registered today so I figured it would be great to introduce myself to everybody. I am soon to be a M.F.A Sound Design graduate, and I am looking forward to collaborating with people and possibly getting a job in the future in the game audio world. I am excited to learn from people that have been in the industry longer than I have. I do have experience using Wwise, Fmod and Udk as middleware engines in class and I am looking forward to getting my hands on new projects to work on. Any suggestions as to where to look for some?



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    Hello and welcome!
    check out the game jams, many of them are held online and you can participate remotely. There are a ton of them. It’s a great way to meet other developers and have fun and then have a finished product to show your work. Another great thing to do is to take unity projects, some of the free project games, like Angry Bots, and do sound replacements on those games, in the engine, so you can show off captured gameplay footage. Anyhow, good luck!

    William Chrapcynski

    Hrm, I guess I have never heard of game jams before. I got myself set up on One Game a Month now. So, I’ll see where that takes me. I also just downloaded Unity and will see what I can do with that as well. Thanks for the tips, Dren! 🙂

    Eric Lorenz

    Jonathan!! Nice to see you on the GANG site. Its a pretty great online community (i just joined not too long ago either). Also, William, thanks for the One Game a Moth site. It looks like a cool little jump starter. Do you normally get a lot of work from there?

    Anyway Jonathan, hope everything has been going well for you. Hope we can collaborate on something in the near future. Keep in touch!

    ~Eric Lorenz

    William Chrapcynski


    Actually, I only recently got myself set up on One Game a Month site. So, hopefully I’ll get a project together with some folks soon. So far the place I’ve had the most luck with work wise has been Gamedev.net. It seems a good deal of indy developers get filtered through there at some point.

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