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    Hey all! I just wanted to formerly introduce myself. My name is Joshua Carraway. I’m a pretty “green” member of the community since I have not other previous experience (other than working on my own projects, collaborations & contributing music for a Sonic The Hedgehog fan album). I’m looking to work my way up through study, networking and sheer hard work to achieve my goal of composing game music for a living. I’m a guitarist first but I can play bass and some keyboard/piano. I’m posting a link to my first blog post for a little more background info on myself. Looking forward to talking and, perhaps, collaborating and learning from you guys!


    – Josh C

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    Hey Josh,

    I’m new here as well. I’ve been in the music & post industries for over 17 years and have just recently started in the interactive media/game industry. my company currently has a small writing staff but we are always looking for players to send tracks too and possibly to write parts so it’s great to meet you. I didn’t see any links on your post to music that you have done. do you have anything posted on Sound cloud or youtube? we are currently finishing up a post production project and don’t have anything right now, but I’d love to hear anything you’ve done. let me know.


    Hey there Peter!

    Sorry for the super late post! I do have music on my Soundcloud page, if you’d like to take a listen. Here’s a track I’m particularly proud of, https://soundcloud.com/rokker88/nuclear-wasteland-after-the. I imagine it’s too late to try and do anything for your project, but I’d still appreciate any input anyway.

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