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    I heard about GANG around a year ago while reading the story of a young sound designer that works for Epic, who found his connections via this organization. I wanted to sign up for a long time, and finally had the funds last month. As soon as I started browsing the site, my stomach sank. I found a relatively empty forum that is scarcely used, a user blog section that’s either broken or empty, podcasts on soundcloud that are two years old, links to resource websites that appear to be more helpful, but are free…

    Perhaps I just need encouragement. I realize that this site is all about networking, but it appears to almost be a ghost town. If I want to really learn more, I have to shell out more cash for courses that I can’t afford.

    So what makes GANG any better than a place like /r/gameaudio on reddit? What has the site done for you, or made it worth the yearly fee? Is there something I’m missing?


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    Dan Rudin

    Hi Ian,

    So sorry to hear that you feel that way. Just a couple of thoughts.

    First, not as an excuse but rather as a fact, the GANG site was down for quite a while being ported over to this new version, so many of us fell out of the habit of regularly visiting the forums… hence the “relatively empty” sense of place. I think that will pick back up.

    Secondly, even though you pay for membership, GANG is just like anything else in life, I think you’ll find that you get out what you are willing to put in (and more.) Posting questions, attending GANG mixers and events are a good start. GANG is different than blindly reaching out to game audio folks through LinkedIn or Facebook… your membership sends the message that you are serious about game audio and that can really make a difference when trying to connect with busy people.




    Thanks for your words, Dan! I felt better after getting my thoughts written down, and hope it comes across as constructive criticism from the perspective of a newcomer.

    I caught on to the fact that there was a recent redesign of the site and, like you said, it’ll probably pick up more traffic with time. I can certainly help in getting the forums going again, because I have plenty of questions!

    My attitude is not that $75 should’ve gotten me a gift of some kind, but that by paying the membership fee it shows that I am serious and want a foot in the door. I suppose I was lost within the site, not sure where to place said foot. 🙂

    All that said, it’s a pleasure to meet you! What’s your story?

    Dan Rudin


    Nice to meet you as well, Ian. My story is that I’ve spent a couple of decades producing and recording music for every conceivable purpose. I love gaming, love scoring and think that the game audio community is one of the most exciting spaces to work in.

    I entered into this community back in 2009 by attending GameSoundCon in San Francisco where I made some friendships that continue to this day.

    Glad to have you here, all the best!


    Hey all,

    I just joined G.A.N.G as well and I have just recently started browsing the site. This in fact will be my first post on the Forum.

    I attended the GameSoundCon (that’s how I found out about G.A.N.G in the 1st place) last November for the 1st time as well as attended the GDC this year. I have been an audio engineer-composer-sound designer-etc… for over 17 years and like Dan I have recorded and sound designed a ridiculous amount of material for every conceivable purpose. I never got into the game audio industry before because when I looked at how games were being made (memory budgets etc..)I “felt” as if we as composers and sound designers were quite frankly crapped upon. That we were the after thought and we were not given any real respect for what we do and love (Note: this is just a personal observation not a fact so I’m not saying that there were instances where there was great work done and respect given. Just read this weeks interview with Lennie Moore & Frank Sauer and you’ll see).

    Like Dan said you get of of it what you put in. unfortunately I am based in South America so the Mixers for me are kinda out of the question so this site and others are really my only portal to like minds and current events. I do agree with Ian in the fact that I do hope that a section of the site will be made available for current work availability in the industry. Forming strong and reliable connections with developers small and large is probably the most important aspect of what we do and if G.A.N.G as a collective can’t do that then really were just a bunch of guys talking shop and that’s fine but I can go to Gearslutz.com or any of mutiple Forums out there for that as well.

    I know that We are not a Union but again like Dan said Being a member makes a statement that you are serious about working in the interactive media industry and we as G.A.N.G members should be proud of that. I was told a the GDC this year that G.A.N.G is sort of an advocacy group in that it is working towards making Developers aware that we are here as well as giving them solid and reliable source of quality sound designers, composers and audio programmers/implementers. This is why I joined and even though nothing has come from it yet being involved and becoming a part of the community is the most important part.

    Have some patience and welcome to the Community :D.


    Awesome, Dan! I love gaming as well, and seeing as I happen to love sound design as well I figured it’d make sense to combine them! I’m a recent grad, and have yet to work on a “major” project, but I have two I’m in now that’ll be on the iTunes store in a few months. Fun stuff. I’ll be going to my first mixer in Seattle on May 31st. It’ll be a blast. Thanks for your response and I look forward to speaking with you more!


    Thank you for all the info, Peter. It’s encouraging! I’ll be sure to put the work in and have patience. 🙂

    Richard Kidd


    I have been a member for about a year and a half. I joined while in school and am a recent graduate myself. I haven’t had the opportunity to make it to any events but I feel like I have made a few strong connections and friendships in the short time that I have been active.

    A good thing that differs between this site and other forums is you KNOW you are getting experienced advice from people who have already accomplished what we are trying and wanting to accomplish.

    You see everyone’s real name and not nicknames, so it’s a lot more personal. As you can see, you asked a question and had an opinion and got responses.

    That’s awesome that you have a couple of solidified gigs.
    My question for you though is what did you use to make your web page? I like it 🙂


    Nice to meet you, Richard! Where did you go to school?

    My site is hosted by Weebly. SUPER awesome hosting site (with preset, but customizable, layouts). I think it came together quite nicely! It ends up being about $150 a year for hosting and “pro” status, which basically gives you a couple more features and access to stats.

    Richard Kidd

    Yea, its pretty nice.

    Im messing around with creating a site on Wix right now.

    I graduated from Full Sail in September for Music Production.


    Nice! I definitely considered Full Sail for a while. How did you like it?

    Richard Kidd

    There was a lot of good information and people there. I felt I learned a good bit about music composition. Even if I couldn’t retain it all, I know where to refer to if I need to. It was online so it was way busy trying to work an above average work schedule and do the course work.

    The launch box package you get is pretty good. With the macbook pro, pro tools and logic 9. Sibelius, Aurelia….pretty much a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t of been able to afford and I have some good reading material. One of the courses gave us Komplete 8 (9 wasn’t in existence at the time) so that was great. Overall I liked the experience. Before that in like 05 I did about a year at UAT for game design. I liked it but tragedy struck my household and I lost the motivation to push forward. :/.

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