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    Jeff Penny

    Hi everyone! I am completely new to this group but wanted to post and introduce myself. I’m an aspiring video game composer (who has been attempting to find projects to work on) and generally just love all this music and video games. If anyone is interested here is the latest track I’ve finished, I hope you like it!

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    Dante Vittone

    Hey man, welcome to G.A.N.G.

    I really dig that jazzy piece of yours: ii – V-I – Bit. I can see it right at home in some sort of little RPG or something.

    Things here might seem a little slow at times, but don’t be afraid to reach out to someone if you see something that interests you/you need help with something. There’s a lot of information to be had – Or at least, that’s my been my experience in the past few months!



    Hi Jeff,
    Welcome! I listened to your SoundCloud page. You have a nice touch for chip tunes. I like “EYB” and “ii – V-I – Bit”. Might I suggest, If you can afford, upgrading your SoundCloud to get the Spotlight feature. I hope you don’t mind me saying; you have some nice orchestral pieces buried in the bottom of your stream. Just my opinion, but “Riding” and “We Won” deserve to be promoted in your stream (perhaps “Until Next Time” also). Hope this helps. Nice to meet you.


    Jeff Penny

    Hey both of you,

    Thank you for being welcoming and I’m glad you are liking my music! I’m trying to learn as I go so any information to be had would be great.

    Also, to be honest I really don’t know a lot about SoundCloud, I mostly had been focusing on BandCamp because that made it easy to put up albums. However, now that I am starting to work on games and other projects where I might not have a whole album to upload, I thought it would be a good idea to spend more time with SoundCloud and get used to it. So any advice is appreciated!

    Jeff Penny

    Also, I should add that I checked out both of your music as well. Very different styles from what I heard but both definitely created a setting in my mind.

    Jeff Penny

    I don’t know why that was bold or how to edit it, sorry…


    Hey Jeff,
    I love SoundCloud and think it is a good tool for a portfolio, but perhaps I am biased and someone else can chime in. I’ve had some great experiences in the SoundCloud groups and in composition contests. I especially like the groups that offer weekly challenges, because they keep you sharp and open you up creatively (not to mention the people you meet). Check these out (not particularly game related, but cool for composition):


    Perhaps we are only permitted one link per post? Here are the other two that were somehow cut from my last reply:

    Jeff Penny

    Huh, all of those look interesting thank you! Now I want to look around more to see what other groups I can find on SoundCloud and learn to use it a little bit better.

    William Chrapcynski

    Welcome Jeff! Like you, I’m fairly new to to the GANG myself. I took a listen to you tune and I definitely dig it. I love the pulsey lead synth that you’re using there. I think it’s a really great contrast to what’s going on behind it. I’m on the Soundcloud myself here:

    Jeff Penny

    Ahh sounds cool. I actually have a question though if anyone knows. I recently got asked to write some music for a game, but it is very independent so no one is too familiar with the legal side of things. I was wondering if there was any good way I could get a contract written up that we could sign?


    this is actually something we plan on doing soon for the site, is to post a sample contract. Our lawyer is working on it, but it may not be ready by the time you need it. Usually a simple agreement is fine for indie projects, just state the compensation amount, the length of the agreement, who is making the agreement and maybe an asset list/music list and a finish date, with revision dates.

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