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    Timothy Adan

    Hi! My name is Timothy Adan. I have been entertaining the idea of joining here for a while, and I finally managed to do so. It is nice to finally be a part of this group!

    I have worked on a handful of projects, some of which I am still working on. I have also been writing lots of cover letters recently and sending out my resume to a number of places.

    One question though, I have been pointing to my website as my portfolio (all of my more favorite works are on the front page). I never got any real criticism on it though and could use some extra eyes looking it over. What do you think?


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    Kole Hicks

    Welcome to GANG! Here’s some of my initial thoughts on your front page…

    From a design perspective, it initially seems very basic & lacks style. Completely understandable in some situations, but I’d recommend hiring a web dev to help your site look/feel more professional.

    Wwise video – Cool, I enjoyed it! If I was an Audio Director this’d probably be something I’d be quite interested in watching (if you were a potential new hire).

    Logo Clip Video – Neat, nice demo of what you can do for a logo.

    Sanctum & Horror Video – The samples in both tunes sound pretty dated. Production is a bit raw.

    Mysterious Forest – Similar w/ the dated samples, but this piece seems to flow a bit more smoothly compositionally than the previous tunes.

    Adventure – Same notes.

    I stopped here. Perhaps it’d be best to consolidate all of these various pieces into 1 thing; a single demo reel/video perhaps. Demonstrating your Sound Design & Composition skills beyond Wwise.

    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Adan

    Thank you very much for your input!

    The Wwise demo was the most recent thing, and definitely the most pertinent as far as my current work (along with the Forest Heart presentation on the bottom of the page, you didn’t get that far though :3)

    As for the other work, I can see how it can be dated. Its still some of my favorite work, but its from a while ago. I’d change it out, but a lot of what I have worked on since then, I either am not happy with (even if those I wrote it for WERE happy with it) or belongs to something that isn’t finished yet, so I need to get permission to put up. As for the samples, I’m essentially waiting on having enough money to get some more, but sample libraries are a bit too much for me at the moment lol. These are all things I plan on fixing, thanks to your input. Perhaps I’ll get permission to put up some of my more recent work.

    As for the web design, I might be able to find someone to help. You bring up a good point that it isn’t really interesting. I’ll see what I can do about that (probably not much, but I’ll try lol).

    thank you for reviewing my website, and nice to meet you 🙂


    I gotta second about the web design and how i loved the Wwise video. Getting your own domain name helps with legitimacy. order your best/ most relevant work on top. perhaps a link to a resume. all in all very entertaining and i’m sure your not gonna have trouble finding work

    Elliot N Callighan


    Just want to say that the Wwise reel is fantastic! Can I ask what screen/game capture and video editing software you used?


    Timothy Adan

    @ Charles- thank you very much! I have been trying to update my website recently with new information and work examples. It is definitely a fun (if bumpy) ride.

    @ Elliot- thank you very much! I’m glad you like my demo reel. It tends to get mixed reviews from both sides of the spectrum. Personally I’m happy with it, but the various critiques I have received have been very helpful. For the gameplay itself, I used FRAPS. The files tend to be huge, but its worked out fine so far. For the takes of my DAW, I use screencastomatic. It’s easy to set up and quick to use. Doesn’t have much in the way of functions aside from the recording itself, but for what I do its plenty fine.

    For the video editing I use Sony Vegas. I used to use movie maker, but that started to be too much of a hassle for what its worth.

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