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    Hello to all!

    My name is Rob Frost and I’m new here. I wanted to start by asking what hardware is everyone using? Let’s talk software in another thread.

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    Nate Tronerud

    Hello Rovert!

    My current setup is very minimal. I have an electric keyboard (a Privia PX-110) for Midi input of notes, and a Korg Nanokontrol that I’ve rigged to send CC data (the Privia doesn’t have any sliders).

    My audio interface is a Saffire 6 USB and I have one microphone, a Behringer B2 Pro, a decent condenser for the price. My monitors are Resolv40As from Samson, which are quite terrible, but they were free and they’re all I’ve got at the moment. I’m used to the sound at this point so that’s the most important thing, but the next thing I get will some decent monitors.

    My actual computer is a Late 2009 MacBook Pro, 2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, with 8GB of RAM. For convenience I have an external LG monitor which I use as the primary screen when I’m working in the studio, and I run all my samples from a Glyph HD (I forget which one; the 2TB model).

    William Chrapcynski

    The core of my setup is a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, Yamaha HS80m monitors, Quad i5 iMAC with 16GB of RAM, and an ART Voice Channel. My full equipment list is here, though: http://pureshift.com/documents/equipment.html



    I think you’ve got a rad setup! Nothing wrong with super simple.

    How’s your computer on software (I know I said we weren’t talking about software but ooooo well)? What are you running? Pro Tools? Ableton?

    Do you like the Korg Privia set-up you’ve got going? What do you feel like would improve your MIDI control?

    Just outta curiosity what kind of headphones do you have?




    I too have the Focusrite Pro 40 and Yamaha HS80’s. I always thought they were a solid choice for the price.

    How do you feel about the Art Voice Channel? I’m selling my Art Dual Channel Compressor right now. Has a mid range thing that I’m not into. Has a lot of control though which was awesome. Just thought it was time for an upgrade!


    Nate Tronerud

    My primary DAW software is Logic 9. My OS is still Snow Leopard and I don’t really want to push things by installing a newer one. Ostensibly I could upgrade to Mavericks and run Logic X on this system, but I haven’t tried it. Otherwise it runs swimmingly with up to about 1.5 gigs of samples loaded in Kontakt, though I have to keep the sample buffer pretty high at those times, usually about 1024. I’ve avoided PLAY like the plague, so far.

    I just installed ProTools 9, and it seems to work fine, although I’ve only started using it, so I can’t really report on performance. Same for Live.

    I use both Finale 2012 and Sibelius 7, depending on the client. Each is fast and sluggish in their own ways. I also have MaxMSP, which runs fine, though I haven’t used it much since I finished my MM.

    I’m afraid I don’t have good headgear at the moment. I have a cheap pair of Sonys that fold up and that I use on the train or when my roommate is sleeping, but I avoid using them to mix as they can be very misleading.

    William Chrapcynski

    For the price, the Voice Channel gives you a very usable channel strip. I mostly use it with a Rode NT2000 and it has worked out rather well for me so far.


    Hey Guys,

    Thought I would toss my thoughts and gear into the mix. Currently I have a small studio and am currently working on finding a space for a 56 channel Soundcraft Ghost. As of right now I am working with a small digidesign 003, an M-Audio Keystation Pro88, A 2010 iMac, 2010 Macbook Pro, and 2 sets of monitors. A crappy set of China made Sewin no name 8″ monitors and a pair of Makie MR5’s. As for Microphones I have a KSM44 a ridiculous amount of 58’s and 57’s a couple of Beta 58s and an AKG C 568 B with a Tascam DR-100 for my location recordings.

    Though I have not used any of Focusrites hardware for a long time I know they have a great reputation for sounding good and for their reliability. When I choose the 003 hardware having Faders was a huge factor. I do a lot of Post mixing and having access to to a fader bank as I am mixing down stems or even as I am writing is great. for me it’s a work flow thing. also having the keystyation pro88 is absolutley awesome, especially now that I can map any of the multiple knobs and faders to any aspect in Wwise. I have not tried to map any of the 003 midi functions to Wwise yet but When I get done with my current project and have some down time I will be doing so.

    Like I said above, work flow is key to any creative process and choosing gear is a personal thing. Whether you are using a rack mount interface of a fader bank interface it all depends on how you work and what feels cool to you.

    For me when I am working on a game I usually have my desktop running Protools 9 while my laptop is booted up with Windows and has a build of the game and running in either Wwise or FMOD. (personally I have more experience with Wwise but am currently working though the FMOD Course work by Stephan Schutze http://www.stephanschutze.com/ and http://www.soundlibrarian.com/) I can build my score and Sound design in PT9 and then implement it into the game and work from there. it’s sort of a massaging process where I’ll hop back an forth until I have the implementation and mix right. Thoughts and critics are always welcome 😉



    Sounds like a rad and practical rig!

    When do you feel like you’ll need to upgrade?

    Dante Vittone

    Hey everyone,

    As someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of audio gear/software, (I use a pair of Sennheiser 280 headphones, an M-Audio Keystudio for my keyboard, and I own Kontakt 5), what would be the most worthwhile purchase?

    I’m looking into getting a dedicated sound card first, but what else should I look at?


    That’s a difficult question Rob. it’s taken me a while to get the gear that I do have and my mantra is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I upgraded to PT 9 from 8 when it was released, then they released 10 less then a year later and 11 after that. Avid is sort of a love hate relationship for me. I’ve been working with PT since version 5, hell I remember when they upgraded to actual “Stereo tracks”. I know that dates me a bit but you work with what you know and are used to. That doesn’t mean I can’t work on other DAW Platforms, a console is a console whether it in the box or not I just go with what I know and am comfortable with.

    Upgrading or buying a new piece of gear or software really should be done when there is something that your really know you could use. Like for me the Izotope RX3 suite of noise reduction and audio clean up plugins. those things are freaking amazing. I just finished up the post production and mix on a local Documentary film which was filmed in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Using the spectral analyzer took some getting used to but OH MY GOD was it useful in taking out crazy stuff like insects and chickens (yes I said Chickens) interfering with dialog. and the De-reverb plugin was very useful as well.

    On the writing side of things, East West have an excellent deal on their “composers collection”. Best $900.00 I ever spent. you should totally check it out, though the Drum samples for me don’t work as well as I think they should. For drums I use the “addictive drums” plugin and sample adpaks. The company has put in a lot of work into the adpaks and they sound surprisingly natural. I’m not a drummer I’m a guitarist and a vocalist and that said, having a base groove from which I can start writing is really important. I guess this sort of answers your question too Dante.

    You also have the bane of any type of software upgrade. Compatibility with your operating system. for instance I work with a composer who is using Guitar rig 3. I have Guitar rig 5 and they are not compatible. so you have to find workarounds like printing the sound for mix etc…

    My opinion is find what you like and stay with it.


    I am loving how much everyone is participating in this discussion!! I know I just said gear at first but we should move into software now.

    What’s samples are everybody using? I’ve heard lots about the East West Stuff. I’m most likely going to invest in that next.

    I just got got Native Instruments 9 Ultimate with Symphobia, La Strings, and Drum Lab added on. Works pretty great if you’ve got a good ear that is.

    I’ve also started just sampling random house hold items which I’ve had tremendous success with! I think it might be something I want to further develop.

    William Chrapcynski

    For motorized faders I use a Behringer BCF2000. I’ve had it for about 8 or 9 years now and it still does the job its supposed to do. In the time that I’ve had it, it’s worked with Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, and most recently Logic. For a couple hundred bucks, it does what I need without having to get an all in one sort of solution.

    For Orchestral stuff, I tend to recommend Vienna Symphonic over EWQL. EWQL doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to customer service. I for one experienced a fairly negative situation when dealing with them. Their software, Play, can also be a bit of a pain to deal with. If it works for you, it’s a fairly decent sound library. I tend to like VSLs sound more since it doesn’t come with any sort of reverb baked in.


    My gear setup really really simple since I’m just starting up. I have a AKAI EIE interface and a M-Audio Keyrig 49. I’m planning on getting better samples and a nicer keyboard so I can take advantage of what the EIE has to offer.

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