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    Dante Vittone

    Hi all,

    As part of my school’s audio program, I have the option of taking an internship in Los Angeles as credit towards graduating. I’m heading there for January 2015.

    Does anyone know of anybody (preferably someone in game audio) that’s looking for an intern in the Los Angeles area, starting in January? I would prefer pay or some sort of stipend, but it’s not necessarily a necessity. I’m just looking to work with someone in this big ol’ field, for the experience, connections, and the opportunity to observe how things work from the inside.

    I’ll be prepping my resumé accordingly in the meantime. Ready to apply for some things.

    Thank you.

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    From what I understand, most internships are in the Summer. I don’t know of any that are in the Spring.

    Dante Vittone

    That’s what I’ve heard, too. I’ve found a few that interest me in the Spring, but I was just curious if any GANG members knew of anyone – or were looking for interns themselves.

    Because that would be really sweet.

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