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    Hello everyone,

    As you can probably tell my name is Thomas and I’m brand new here, and I’m looking for hopefully some networking and advices on my work. As I went through the website I noticed that you guys seem to be mostly composer which is actually not my case since I’m into sound design even if I do have a background in music.

    A little bit about me, I’m graduating this summer from my master’s degree that I take in France (I’m french btw) which I call for everyone to get it “Computer Music” and what we do in here is mostly audio programming, electroacoustic music and audio engineering. Before the master I was in a music BA.
    I also have some general programming skill (C/C++/C#), sadly not on the level needed to be a pro at this but I find it useful very often.

    My main goal right now, excluding getting my degree, is to land an internship in a game company somewhere, hopefully somewhere I love but I can’t be too picky as, since you probably know, audio is not the easy way in. To fullfil that goal and dream I put together a demo, I got “hired” in two projects where I do the sound and I program a game myself with Unity. So far I had very little luck except one answer but I’m not sure to get the internship since they wait until march 28 to tell (the stress is super hard to handle!).

    So I think that’s enough about me, if you would take a look at my demo I’d be very glad to hear what you think.

    You can find it here :

    And I also made a post in the workshop part of this forum if you prefer.

    Thank you for reading this!

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