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    Michael Balk

    Just wanted to share this with the GANG. Produced with gaming in mind. What kind of game do you think this would fit into? Are you developing a game that could do with this type of music style? Look forward to your feedback. Mike Balk

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    Reminds me of a equip or shop menu for a post-apocalyptic RPG where Aliens infest your mind or something.

    Love the beginning. Was just hoping it would either change tempo about two minutes in or have a new sonic element added later on. It’s too glitchy for too long in my opinion. Keep it up though man!

    Michael Balk

    Hey Robert – I appreciate the feedback! Do you have any place where I can hear your productions? I’m a beginner in the world of Audio For Games and could do with some references.

    Take care,


    Yep. These are my most recent songs for a game called, “Drone Wars”, that’s still being worked on.

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    P.s. I’m new too. Keep sending stuff my way !

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