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    Hey G.A.N.G.!

    I’ve just joined G.A.N.G. because practically every book, article, subreddit, etc. has told me that it’s a pretty good idea.

    I was wondering if anybody had some tips to make the most out of my membership?

    Just browsing the forums so far, it doesn’t look to be super active. A lot of posts on the front page are several months old with zero replies.

    I keep hearing from a lot of people “You won’t find jobs on G.A.N.G., but it’s a fantastic place for networking”. What does that look like? What’s the best way to get involved and get plugged into the community?

    Thanks! I look forward to making new friends!

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    there will be emails about gang hangs, postmortems, events, GDC events, all sorts of stuff. hopefully you can make it out to some of them. and if there’s nothing going on in your neck of the woods, you can always contact GANG about organizing one nearby and they can help spread the word for you.

    definitely try to get out to GDC and attend the gang events there (demo derbies, awards, town hall etc) and get to know some of us at those events or the audio bootcamp etc – try twitter too, use the #gameaudio tag and you’ll find a lot of great people/info

    Brian Schmidt

    Echo’ing Dren..
    Definitely make sure the GANG newsletter isn’t being put in your spam folder. We have fairly regular (every month or so) events of some sort, and always announce them (and have reminders!) in the newsletters.

    We have networking meetings called “GANG Hangs”, often associated with events like GDC, GameSoundCon, or one-of events.

    Also, make sure you like our facebook page, as we have online discussions there; online ‘networking’ is almost (but not quite) as important as physical networking these days.


    Thanks so much to both of you! Looking forward to attending some kind of meet-up (I’m in Texas, so not too sure if a lot goes on down here).

    Jeff Penny

    Hi, you guys mentioned a newsletter but I have never received one? Am I missing an option somewhere that lets me sign up for it?


    I’m in Texas too there is a lot going on here in Austin and Dallas not so much in Houston and San Antonio. Houston (where I’m from) is the fourth largest market in the US and only has 2 game development companies.

    I can second the checking your spam for GANG articles mine originally showed up there when I first joined

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