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    Jesse Harlin

    Dren, is there someplace that you’d like us to post issues that we find with the site as we find them?

    For instance, I’ve noticed that in the blog editor, trying to enter a URL in the link linker section results in typing black text on a black background, making it impossible to see what you’re typing. You can highlight your text and check it to see if you’re correct, but you can’t see it as you type.

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    let’s start it up in this thread, and maybe we’ll start a new forum topic for site issues. This is great to know about, thanks Jesse. I’ll pass it on.

    Jonathan Kranz

    Hi guys… new site user here. It seems as though the Awards nomination page is broken… is it just me?

    Anastasia Devana

    Looks like the “Forums” link in the main navigation is linked to the wrong place ( instead of, so the page formatting looks all kinds of messed up.


    Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve gone ahead and corrected it.

    Thanks again!

    Jan Boon

    This weird new light blue theme looks kind of terrible, to be honest. Reminds me of a Microsoft Frontpage template. Forums are barely readable.

    Emmanuel Lagumbay

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but on my Nexus, when I look at it vertically, the site is weird. Fixes itself when I go to the horizontal setting.

    Also, this is a small thing, but if you type out your full URL under “Website” on your profile page, (IE: it adds a second extension of http:// to your link (IE: http://http// thus leading you to a broken link. It’s obviously easily fixed by just putting your website address in without the “http://”, but if there was some way to automate that without it doubling back on the “http://”, I’m sure people would appreciate it.

    Emmanuel Lagumbay

    Also, unless I’m missing it – an EDIT button on posts would be nice.

    Dan Reynolds

    Soundcloud links in the forum posts are GIGANTOR!

    Not sure if that’s the aesthetic of choice.


    I think there should be an option in Soundcloud to share a smaller widget.

    Click “Share”
    Click the “Embed” tab
    Choose one of the other 2 options instead of the default.

    I hope this example works.

    <iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=””></iframe&gt;


    Ok well I guess links posted just use the default formatting.


    Hey, not sure if it’s me or not but I can’t access the “Workshop” or “Community Affairs” sections of the forums. Any other members having this problem?

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