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    Topher Pirkl

    Hey all, I’ve just wrapped up sound design work on my first title, and I’m about to start looking for more design opportunities on indie titles, but I’m a little curious what you guys think of an issue I’m afraid of coming up against.

    Namely, while I consider myself a strong sound designer, I’m only really coming into my own as a composer, and I don’t feel totally comfortable marketing myself as one yet. Is it pretty likely I might run into people who would rather work with one audio guy who can do everything, as opposed to a separate designer and composer? And how do you market yourself as a specialist in an indie community that usually prefers a jack-of-all-trades in audio?

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    Mark Priest

    Or, we could team up, since I myself haven’t advanced very far on the sound designing (yet!).

    (just sayin’)

    Tanner Howell

    I know if I were in the position, I would be looking for specialists in each position. Both aspects are so important in my opinion. But hey, I leave that to the decision makers.

    Topher Pirkl

    Mark– That’s sort of how I’ve been approaching projects, telling designers that I can do SFX, and could put them in touch with a composer. I’m sure I’ll find some that are game for that, but I’ve lost out on 2 projects already with basically the response of “oh cool but it’s easier for us to just get everything off Freesounds. K thx bye.”

    Tanner– I agree, but at least with some of the developers I’ve talked to, I think the fewer individuals involved in the process, the less likely it is to have someone bail halfway through development. I get that mentality, it’s how I’ve approached projects too. I can see the appeal in getting one person working for free, but very committed to the project as opposed to finding one person for SFX, then hoping you can find a composer committed enough to see it through, or vice versa.


    I honestly think that if the people who rejected you are happy with freesound stuff, you are better off their project. It means they don’t know much about audio and probably wouldn’t respect your work.

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