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    Greetings all:

    I am getting my Bachelors degree from the Art Institute of Houston in Audio Production. I have one more semester left and one of my classes I have to take is my second internship. What would be more beneficial to me as I enter the industry? Would working in another audio studio doing things mostly along the lines of music production and film post production be more beneficial than working at a small gaming company. My issue is this: these are real small companies and I do not know if they would have the ability to teach me anything and what would look better on my rèsumè

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    I think any experience big or small in the field you want to be in is good experience. I interned for a while at a small studio while I was a student for audio engineering. Instead of doing actual audio work for bands or musicians the studio had me editing videos and working on web shows. I learned so much and had so much fun. I’m happy I have that experience behind me. I believe as long as you’re taking a step in the direction you want that’s good. A step is a step whether it be a big one or a small one!


    Thank you Samantha I found out that there is only two game developers in Houston and it happens that one of my professors contracts out to both of them so I would have to intern with him but that would breach some sort of contract he has with the school. I am going to get an internship at a post-production house. I already got a major development project with a team of graduating animators from AiH hopefully that will be enough with my film and music work for my portfolio.


    That’s Fantastic! Best of luck!

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