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    Hello friends,

    I’ve recently decided I want to embarked on crafting a custom samples library. I’m looking for ideas on what other professionals use and love but also samples that has fallen below expectations.

    So what say you?

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    William Chrapcynski

    There really is a quite a bit to creating even simple sample libraries. For the most part, Kontakt is pretty universal these days and that’s always a good place to start. I’ve created (and sell) some simple libraries that I built from scratch and even those were quite labor intensive.

    For sampling hardware synths (and even acoustic instruments), I’ve found Sample Robot to be quite a valuable piece of software. You still have to do a lot of work by hand but there are certain processes that it helps out with quite a bit.

    I think that rare and unique instruments fall through the cracks quite a bit when it comes to sample libraries. A lot of smaller companies have been filling in the cracks during the past handful of years, though. Andrew Aversa and the folks from Impact Soundworks have done a really nice job putting out some quality stuff.



    Thanks for the tips. I’m aware of the intense labor ahead. Since I’m extremely interested in sound design as well, I feel like it will be a good way to hone my skills. I’ve also got an extremely good deal with the studio I work at so now it will just take finding some amazing players. Again , thanks for the tips.


    Update: I just bought EastWest stuff instead! haha. Who has the time.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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