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    Hey all,
    I just wanted to drop in and give a big thank you to everyone who voted. Of course I should also say THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Gathering Sky this year, as I was happily surprised on Thursday evening, but it’s really important to simply take part in the voting.

    1) Developers notice! When some mobile developers (big studio) that I work with heard that PopCap won a bunch of audio awards, they were a lot more eager to spring for middleware licenses and live musicians this year! So a GANG award actually means an awful lot to game developers, big or small. I order extra certificates and trophies to send to the teams I work with. It really does send a strong message.

    2) Audio people notice! I had a LOT of folks tell me that they were now going to have to play Gathering Sky. And if you’re an indie, this helps your dev team as well…in addition to helping your career.

    It’s very easy to get cynical and think “I’ll never win against a big studio title etc…” but my little game did just that. 4 people made the game with no marketing, pr or advertising. It can be done. But it wouldn’t have happened if a lot of you didn’t vote.

    So again, thanks for your support!

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    Dan Rudin

    1. Excellent point. Voting in the GANG awards is a privilege we often forget to take advantage of. I myself was in a crunch during this year’s voting cycle and skipped the vote, which I INSTANTLY regretted seeing the amazing titles up for awards. “Never Again” says I!

    2. I agree… I take notice of games that win awards that may not have been on my radar (Like Ori) and I’m sure others do as well. And for a small dev hoping that anyone will find their game at all, this kind of recognition is just awesome.

    3. You also won because you made something special and I’m glad that folks noticed! Well done

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