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    Brian Schmidt

    As a Note to everyone regarding the Forums:

    Most of the G.A.N.G. related discussions have been moved over to the G.A.N.G. Facebook group (

    When G.A.N.G. was first formed, things like Facebook, Instagram, twitter didn’t exist yet, and the forums were presented as a way for members to communicate with each other, ask questions, etc.
    However, we’ve found that, compared to mass market social media like Facebook, using a forum is cumbersome and not as convenient. For that reason, most of the discussions which previously would have occurred here on the forums have been moved over to Facebook. Please head over there if you have any questions you’d have normally posted here

    There may be the occasional use for the Forums, which is why we haven’t removed the functionality from the web site, but in general, head on over to the FB group if you’d like to ask a question!

    Brian Schmidt
    President, Game Audio Network Guild

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