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    I’ve recently decided to put more effort into composition. I’ve been mostly into sound design since diving into the post world. I was a musician before a sound designer, and I started writing again and realized how much I miss it!

    Here’s something I did the other day:

    Now, the best selection I have right now is Expansion 2 inside Pro Tools. It’ll get the job done, but there are obviously better libraries out there. What do you use? I don’t make any money yet, so it’s difficult to convince my wife that we need $300 for some sampled brass instruments.


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    It seems links don’t work.


    Attempt number 2 also failed. It just doesn’t show up.

    William Chrapcynski

    When it comes to orchestral libraries, cheap and good don’t really go hand in hand. When I took some classes from Berklee a couple of years ago, I invested in EWQLSO Gold and Vienna Symphonic Special Edition 1 Bundle. I tend to use the latter more often than not and it has been worth every penny.

    The Vienna Special Edition 1 Bundle is about $650 but you can always get the first part of the library for about $350 and upgrade later on.



    Personally I like using the EWQLSO gold samples, maybe that’s because I’ve been using them and I have not actually heard the Vienna Samples. I can build my sections with the master key switch instuments and then once I get the performance where I want it I’ll print them down for mix, plus the newer version of the play engine 4 is more stable than 3. it’s a reasonable price but to be honest I’d just save up and spend the money for the “Complete Composers Collection”. you get to choose 7 libraries from a choice of about 15 or 16 I think. and you’ll pretty much cover all of your basic composition needs. It’ll run you about $900.00 though.


    I like the layers and the melody line, your right about the strings. if you had a better variety of performance samples you could really bring out a solid string background. I also like how the drums come in you should definitely develop it further.


    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Looks like it is time to start saving!

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