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    Just thought I’d put this out for open discussion since the whole reason we’re all members is because we love interactive media and sound/music.

    all types of games are, well game 😉

    Social, MMORG, FPS, Strategy, whatever.

    (note/suggestion: try to keep spoilers out of the discussion since we all play but may not have played the game you’re talking about)

    Personally I’m playing several,

    I’m a huge fan of “Star Wars The Old Republic”. I’ve been playing since it launched and I still love playing it. all 8 main story lines are great, It’s all voice acted and voice acted well though the Huttese language can get fairly annoying after a while.
    The Music is supurb, as well as the Sound design which was all done in Wwise. (if anyone plays I’m on a the west coast server “The Bastion” I have 8 characters)

    I’m also playing the Assassins Creed series (finally). I’m only on the second one now, but again the immersive nature of the gameplay and storyline for me are freaking awesome. the way that you can seemlessly meld into a crowd or hire thugs thieves and prostitutes to distract guards is great. and if you understand spanish or italian some of the stuff they say is really funny. very good voice acting and implementation.

    I also play a couple of social games on facebook like Candy Crush, Criminal Case and Angrybirds. all of which I like. I think the sound design and music for Candy Crush were really well done. the music doesn’t get annoying, and the sound design for the specials is really enjoyable.

    What’s on your gaming schedules??

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    Andy Hair

    I picked up the full set of Unreal games last week in keen anticipation of the community-developed Unreal Tournament 4. The first Unreal Tournament was such a massive influence on my gaming interests, I can’t help but get giddy with excitement at the prospect of a new one. Especially one I can have some input with. Similarly been playing a bit of Quake Live, because goddamn I love arena shooters.

    Also been revisiting Dark Souls II recently. Hadn’t played it since I finished NG+ the first time, a few weeks after release. On my current playthrough I’m going for a full sorcerer type character. First playthrough I went for a rogue-like stabby build, which was absolute hell for certain bosses…

    About to try out Project Zomboid which appears to be a top-down zombie survival game, quite similar to DayZ in many regards, and almost Minecrafty in terms of resource finding and crafting. Brutally difficult, permadeath, dangerous other players, and so on.

    Just starting to build my first true gaming PC for the first time in many years, so lord knows I’m going to be binging on some of the latest AAAs. Watch Dogs seems like a must try, the newer Amnesia looks awesome too. Titanfall and BF4 will undoubtably get a try out too 🙂

    William Chrapcynski

    I’ve been going into my back log a bit. I’ve been replaying Final Fantasy X-2 albeit is from the newer HD release. I’ve also been getting into System Shock 2.

    Josue Plaza

    @Andy excited to hear that you’re building a gaming PC! I have an extra copy of Monaco that you can definitely have to get your Steam library started (because you are going to download Steam, right? :P)

    How are you enjoying System Shock 2? Is it as difficult to play as everyone claims?

    I just finished Transistor, and I really enjoyed the soundtrack.I was really loving how the vocals flowed with the slowed-down electronic feel.

    William Chrapcynski

    You can certainly make System Shock 2 quite difficult for yourself if you don’t put some thought into how you play the game. Resources are limited and you can truly screw yourself if you abuse what you find. I have had to restart the game once but have now been slowly making my way through. I think it’s a bit more true to what survival horror games should be.


    I’ve been playing (maybe too much of) Bravely Default. Many of my friends when I was growing up constantly raved about how good the Final Fantasy series is. I’ve been apprehensive to try the series out since many of the newer games have not been quite well accepted by the FF fanbase. I really had wanted to try out the older once, but I couldn’t find any of the DS remakes in stores. When Bravely Default came out I immediately picked it up and have been addicted since.
    In regards to the music I think its quite spectacular, its interesting in how it is interactive and since I’m a woodwind player its use of flute has rocked my socks.

    William Chrapcynski

    Another one I’ve been playing lately is the indy game, Shovel Knight. So good!


    i’m still in the middle of tomb raider which is great, i suck at hearthstone but keep playing, and I’ve been on the jury for some indiecade games, so i’ve been playing those this week. One of them really blew me away, but I can’t say what it is until they announce the indiecade entries. mostly i’m playing broken builds of all the games i’m currently working on!


    GREAT topic!

    Currently, I’m playing Watch Dogs on my Xbox One. Fez, RE Revelations and The Walking Dead: Season 2 on my Xbox 360. Sonic Lost World on my Wii U. There are so many great games with amazing soundtracks. Fez and TWD, in particular, have really atmospheric music that really enhances the gaming experience. Fez is a game that I recently discovered through a documentary called “Indie Game: The Movie”. I started playing last night and it’s really a work of art! Phil Fish is a creative genius. It’s one of the more unique games to come out in awhile, I can’t emphasize it’s importance enough. TellTale’s TWD is equally as good. The story telling in that game is superb, bar none. It rivals AMC’s TV show, and that’s saying something. Actually, it may just be BETTER than the show. The way it’s executed and how every choice feels so real is a testament to how hard those guys have worked to create an immersive interaction. It leaves me wanting more every time I finish the latest episode. I can’t wait for Episode 4 of Season 2 to be released before the end of the month!

    Richard Kidd

    I am playing a wide variety of games atm. Outlast. Zombies Monsters and Robots, Hearthstone (but that is playing me really lol) and what ever i can get my hands on. Theres also a cool world war 2 game called heroes and generals on steam thats free right now. It plays like a battlefield game. its pretty good.

    Zombies Monsters and Robots is like a cross between Zombie Mode in call of duty and gears of war. A pretty fun game.Can get Hard at times. There is co op and Pve in the game. Controls like crap with a controller.

    Richard Kidd

    On my last post, i actually believed they ripped sounds from call of duty AND Gears of War. Im not sure if those are just stock sounds though. But they definitely sound extremely familiar.

    Richard Kidd

    Didnt mean it as a jab at the audio designer. Its all good stuff. The music is great 😀

    Ben Roberts

    Recently went back and picked up Demon’s Souls for the first time since my brief encounter with it (before I had been exposed to Dark Souls). It lacks the polish of its successors, but all in all is a solid title. The music sounds like it was severely lacking funds as far as production goes, but I really like the music concepts for the boss fights. Much more variety than what I remember from Dark Souls.


    Wow what a great response. I’ve read through all the posts and have wanted to respond but haven’t been able to cause of problems with my account and posting. Obviously those are now fixed.

    I now have so many games to play it’s ridiculous, from Fez to Hearthstone to Walking Dead season 2 it’s going to take me at least a year to catch up with you guys.

    I did see the new demo for Silent hill named P.T. (unfortunately on downloadable for PS4 which I do not have yet) but it looks absolutely frightening and fun. really anything the Guillermo del toro does is frightening and now that hes teamed up with Hideo Kojima for this reinvention of Silent Hill it has the possibility of being the next Last Of Us. really great stuff. Games as a story telling medium are really coming into form now and I think we are just starting to see the potential of this medium.

    Switched up to playing Bio Shock 2 after seeing Stephan Schütze’s audio analysis video on youtube, (link below for those interested) and lots of candy crush with the wifey.

    as a side note:

    we shouldn’t be worried about taking jabs at people. if you have a valid opinion on the sound design or implementation say it, and explain where you think they went wrong. that doesn’t mean be offensive but for instance.

    In my opinion the Sound design for the weaponry in DOOM 3 was too thin, the guns didn’t have the impact that they could have had and I think the game lacked for it. it was still scary as hell to play in 5.1 though.

    Hopefully this thread will continue to have more and interesting posts by everyone.

    Mark Priest

    Gradually working through the Ubisoft “Assassin’s Creed” series (no, I haven’t gotten to Black Flag, yet!). I like Jesper Kyd’s musical take on the earlier games, including the “Ezio Trilogy,” and GANG member Winifred Phillips work on “Liberation.” Slowly working through AC III, but not even a %25 (= too early to judge). Except for AC II – which I keep going back to – these games have been sleepers for me, grabbing my interest later on in game play.

    Always alternating with one of the God of War series, because the music of this franchise more than anything was responsible for awakening my initial interest in composing for games. (PS2 was my first game console, so GoW #1 & 2 were soon added; still my favorites of the series.) Currently playing Ascension again.

    Will sometimes kick back and relax with games for the younger set, such as Peggle, Mini Ninjas, Plants vs Zombies, or Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

    Last week, got a deal on my first Wii console (used, NOT Wii U), so picked up a pre-owned Wii game to go with it – LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga. (Well, why not?!)


    I have been trying several games lately that I have read good things about their soundtrack, like Transistor, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Rising and Dead Space.
    All of them good games, but one that`s really got my attention lately is Titanfall!
    Best game I have played in years!

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