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    Richard Kidd

    so I’ve finally graduated in Sept and have a degree in Music Production but now what? I’ve hit up the job section of Mod DB and keep my eyes on simplyhired and Mandy. I also try to find meetups but they are really scarce and unfortunately I cant do the Global Game Jam that is coming up. Is there any other place I may have missed?

    I was also wondering what conf/con do you think is the best as far as material and networking opportuities?

    Thanks, I greatly appreciate all input and just your time to read it.

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    Definitely go to GDC in SF if you can make it in March. That’s THE place to go meet people in games and especially in audio. There’s an audio track and you get to meet all the members of our very small community. ModDB is sort of a wasteland, and you’ll have better luck trying to hook onto a student project or another game jam (there are game jams happening online all of the time, GGJ is just the biggest one). Check out IGDA as they may have a chapter near you and meetup.com for game dev meetups near you.

    In the meantime, try your hand at downloading some game projects (free) from Unity and throw your own sounds into the game. Or check out audiokinetic.com and their current download of Wwise includes a copy of Limbo so you can replace your own sounds and music. You’ll learn a TON! and then you’ll have something for your reel as well.

    Richard Kidd

    Cool, I’ll have to get on to GDC, I’m guessing the audio pass should be just fine?

    Ill have to widen my search area on Meetup I haven’t found any groups for developer meetups yet here.

    Ill definitely grab unity when I get home. and ill need to hit YouTube for some wwise tutorials. the next thing that my IGDA chapter is focused on is the GGJ.

    Thanks for the input. 🙂

    Josue Plaza

    If they accept my volunteer application for GDC, I’d love to meet all of y’all in March!

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