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    As you look around the new ‘beta’ audiogang site, you may say to yourself, “well that’s a pretty plain looking site. why did THAT take so long?”

    The first answer, is that we’ve rebuilt the site from the ground up with a new backend and with well supported tech that will allow us to improve and update the site on a much more consistent basis.

    The second answer, is that the graphics and user interface stuff is coming in a couple of weeks. It’ll be a new reskin of the same information that is here. So please, fill out your profile, chat it up in the forums, write up a blog post…it’ll all still be here after the graphics show up, it’ll just be prettier.

    The third answer is, the old forums and blogs from the previous site did not get imported here, but we are exporting them out of their current format, and plan on importing the information in a browsable/searchable way into this new site. First we need to get the basics of this site working, and then we’ll deal with that. However, all of the old news articles, newsletters, features, interviews etc, have all been imported here already.

    thanks and please leave us any feedback if you run into any issues with the site that we haven’t found on our own.


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    Wilbert Roget

    Really liking where this is going so far! Pages are loading super quickfast here (Win7-64 Chrome). I’ll keep poking around but so far great work guys!! 😀

    Egan O’Rourke

    I’m liking the site so far. I noticed that our public profiles are pre-filled with our home addresses (or at least mine was) which is probably more info than most care to share. It may be good to make sure everyone understands which elements are public vs private going forward.


    Thanks for the kind words Will – The fancier graphic version of the site is coming in a few weeks but it shouldn’t affect performance. Performance is paramount. Plus, the site is very mobile friendly. Egan, I looked at your profile and only saw your city, state, but no address. I’ll be sure that the address fields are hidden from all views (public or member). I thought that we had done that but I’ll double check!

    Egan O’Rourke

    Hey Dren, I actually deleted my street address from my profile as I didn’t want it displayed. I was definitely able to see the street addy of a user on my friends list but perhaps that’s intentional. If that’s the case it would just be nice to know what’s front facing and what isn’t. Thanks for all of your work on the site!

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 7 months ago by Egan O'Rourke.

    Yeah, we discovered the problem late last night, so it’s fine if you want to delete it. We don’t actually need it, it was just imported from your previous profile. We’ll be making that fix tonight though, so it shouldn’t be visible for anyone as a default.

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