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    So it’s coming time to record for my first ever game and something I didn’t think about was the dB range. I was wondering about what volume the background music should be and also the UI sounds? If it should be very different from the music in the main game play which is a rhythm game? Or do the developers deal with that after I give them the music? Advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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    that’s a big question! ask the developers if they have any standards on this first. The platform/engine may dictate some of this. There’s no hard and fast rule about SFX/UI or otherwise and headroom between music etc. It takes some iteration, that’s the name of the game. and the other name of the game is implementation, and if you are using middleware (fmod, wwise etc) you can tweak the knobs all day long until you’re happy. It’s always tough to bake in the right levels, but I still have to do it on some mobile games, and you just use your ears!

    Brian Schmidt

    It is a great question, and as dren says, it is very dependent on the platform.
    Try to make sure that they give you a build of the game so that you can determine if *you* are satisfied with the levels and mixing of the game.

    The actual method for setting the volume of the sounds will depend a lot on the process the developer uses to put sound in the game. It can range anywhere from “you have to pre-bake the volume into the wave file” to “you can set it on the fly as you’re playing the game via audio middleware like FMOD/Wwise, etc.”

    Do not that on mobile, developers generally like things fairly ‘hot’, because a lot of devices don’t drive a ton of volume to the earphones.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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