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    Why? Uh… Because I think it’s neat. 😛

    Original piece, just a short diddy I did around Halloween when I was in the spooky music mood. Btw, on the old site, there was a dedicated forum for posting demos and critiques, is that gone? Am I OK posting them here now? Just checking.

    Anyway, take 3 minutes and give a quick listen! Enjoy!

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    Jonathan Kranz

    Nice work Christopher! Great writing… my only suggestion is that my ears want a high (strings?) line soaring with the rest of the orchestra around 2 minutes in… just a thought! Good stuff-


    Hey Christopher, this is a cool piece. I like the mood and the chord progressions you picked. My only minor critique would be that some of your melodies are getting lost in the reverb/background, and when the lush section comes in, everything washes together a bit too much for my tastes.
    Just one man’s opinion though.

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