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    I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on their favorite sounding games from this year. Any platform. I loved Bioshock Infinite, Plants V Zombies 2, Scurvy Scalliwags and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. Favorite mix, score, sound design, voice acting?

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    Richard Kidd

    Tomb Raider has some good sounds. the voice acting was ok at some points but it wasn’t at a point where it took me out of the game.

    The last of us has some really good voice acting and sound design with the clickers and water effects.

    I’m not sure win bit trip presebts:runner 2 was released but I think as far as sound in music, just the way it was implemented won me over big time.


    I need to play tomb Raider…totally meant to! I haven’t got too far in Last of Us, but the voice acting is really great, and I love a lot of the sound design. Bit Trip Runner is a great example, they have great music implementation thru the entire series. Plus the music is great as well!

    Sean Beeson

    I really have been digging the score for Dishonored… But maybe that was 2012? haha


    yeah beeson, dishonored was great, but SO last year! Kinda wish I heard the music more in-game though. it seemed like it was scripted to play a lot of the same pieces during combat, detection, exploration when i thought that there was more music available than what I heard. I loved the game, but the AI barks by the guards throughout the game (every single level), with the same 5 lines got pretty old.

    Todd Enyeart

    I would agree that the Last of Us was really solid in the music.


    If I may add, Assassin’s Creed IV’s soundtrack impressed me the most out of any game this year. The fusion of modern film-score type sounds (big drums, string sections, horns) and older classical Spanish style sounds (acoustic guitar, solo violin) really set a great tone for the game.


    how did you like the game (AC4)? I fell asleep with a controller in my hand, TWICE, playing AC3.


    It’s much more fun than Assassin’s Creed III. They took the ship combat (which honestly I did really like from the start) and added more depth and creative strategies (many ship weapons) to it. The sea battles are honestly like playing a much more fun version of Sid Meier’s Pirates. After near destroying a ship, the music gets really intense as you swing on a rope to eliminate their crew.

    But that’s not to say it’s simply a pirate game; in fact, this game has the most challenging stealth sequences I’ve seen in AC Games. They take the walking in brush from III and expand on it to make it essential to not be detected, and getting from one brush to another is not easy. You’ll have to sabotage alert bells and put watchmen to sleep with darts. It’s very well-done in the Assassination aspects, even if everyone talks about the Piracy aspects.

    By the way, thanks for getting me set up.

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    Right now my favorite is Bioshock Infinite. Only two issues really…when localized period music is playing while you’re in combat with the creepy ensemble strings. A little too jarring. And Elizabeth starts sounding a bit “Valley Girl” after her rescue. But otherwise incredible! Best experience I’ve had all year.

    Kole Hicks

    I thought the Audio for PvZ 2 really sounded great coming out of my iPad speaker, they really figured out how to eliminate that limitation. It’s still early, but WildStar is sounding nice as well.

    I’ll do most of my catching up with 2013 games over the Holidays (later this month), so I’ll probably be back with more thoughts a little later 🙂

    Josue Plaza

    Is anyone else a little bummed that Bioshock Infinite did not win Soundtrack of the Year on VGX? I can’t speak for GTA V since I haven’t played it, unfortunately.


    I, for one, didn’t watch VGX so I guess i wasn’t too bummed….with so much licensed music in GTA that seems like putting apples against oranges

    Josue Plaza

    For real. Maybe it would be a good idea to create some more categories, like a best indie soundtrack category. Risk of Rain would be my nomination.

    Dan Rudin

    I’ll throw in for both Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. Both had great scores, really good mixes and excellent voice acting. I think Garry did a great job on the creepy/period specific music… totally chilling.

    Drew English

    Infinite was good. I’m in the midst of playing The Last Of Us currently and I have to say the voice acting and sound design is great and the music is right where it needs to be. It immerses you, never over powers and absolutely sets the appropriate mood. Is it the best? Who knows, it’s all opinion. It’s damn good though!

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