How to edit the Home Page

The slider is controlled by a plugin called 'Soliloquy'.

Presently, there is only one slider setup for the homepage, but you should be able to add a slider to any page or post using the 'Add Slider' button on the page or post above the WYSIWYG editor.

If you click the 'Soliloquy' button in the left hand menu, you'll go to the control panel for the sliders that should list all of your sliders.

We'll use the homepage slider for our example.

Once you click on the 'homepage slider' from the 'Soliloquy' page, you'll see all of the slides. To add a new slide, either drag and drop an image into the box with the dashed outline or click the 'select images button'.You should be able to see all of the available images for that slider below. You can reorder them just by dragging and dropping.

To remove an image from a slider, just click the red circle with the x for that image. The blue circle with the i allows you to edit additional information for that slide, including the title, image link, caption text, and alt text.

There are also two other tabs in addition to the 'image' tab, 'Config' and 'Misc'.

Config allows you to set a number of configuration options such as the type of slider, the effect, the time between slides, the slider dimensions and more. For reference, the homepage slider is 1140x477, so all images should be this resolution.

The 'Misc' tab has a couple extra options, but won't really be used except by developers.

Controlled in: Appearance - Customise - Widgets - Side Bar
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