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Alexander Brandon is a game audio veteran with over seventeen years of experience and over fifty titles to his credit, among them the soundtracks for such hits as “Unreal” and “Deus Ex”, and more recently music, sound and voice for such games as “Stranglehold”, “Alpha Protocol”, the “Neverwinter Nights” series, “Bejeweled 3”, “Skyrim”and “DC Universe Online”.

Alex has skills in music composition, sound design, voice acting, voice direction, audio direction and game audio technology using engines such as Unreal, Cryengine, Unity, Wwise and FMOD. He has written the award winning book “Audio For Games: Planning, Process and Production.” He has also worked with Hollywood voice talent, symphony orchestras, and high profile music acts such as BT. Alex continues to write on numerous game audio subjects, and is always honoring his roots, interviewing such Japanese game music rock stars like Hip Tanaka and Tetsuya Mizuguchi. As part of the game audio community he has served on the steering committee of the IA-SIG and continues to serve as the Game Audio Network Guild’s Vice President.

He now owns his own audio production house in Georgetown, Texas, “Funky Rustic”, and distributes music through Bandcamp, releasing an album every now and again.

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