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I’ve recently made a chiptune based album called Bits&Bones. This album started out as concept tracks for a game that got cancelled in the end. So decided to create my own story to it and continue producing the music. It need to be “dancy” and basically whatever I felt like but, with the NES in… Read more »

My published Weapons Recording Guide on just published my weapons recording guide. Enjoy the lengthy details!

New game I worked on – Need for Speed releases Today!

The newest Need for Speed game is available for purchase today for XBox One, PS4, and PC. Wanted to share the news, behind the scenes pictures and video of my field recording work tracking an awesome modified sports car. gave the game a good review regarding “sound”! See it here!

Composing Signature Game Themes One of the most important skills a game composer needs is the ability to compose distinctive, compelling and memorable themes. In addition to providing the “heart and soul” of the gaming experience, a game theme is a branding device – it defines the genre, story, characters, worlds, even the target markets and platforms of… Read more »

Chance Thomas and the Music of Dota 2

To start the new year we interviewed Chance Thomas on his recent work for Dota 2.  Released as part of the Compendium in fall 2014, the score has been purchased by around 4 million people.  Chance has also worked on titles including the Lord of the Rings Online,  James Cameron’s Avatar, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, The Hobbit,… Read more »